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Ten More Ancient Sites I Want to Visit:

1. Giza Necropolis in Egypt - Ancient Egypt

2. Roman Forum in Italy - Roman Empire

3. Bayon in Cambodia - Khmer Empire

4. Monte Alban in Mexico - Zapotec

5. Stonehenge in England - Neolithic

6. Leptis Magna in Libya - Roman Empire

7. Ollantaytambo in Peru - Incan

8. Delphi in Greece - Ancient Greek

9. Borobudur in Indonesia - Sailendra Dynasty

10. Tikal in Guatemala - Mayan


The Ancient Rock-Cut Tombs of Myra’s Lycian Necropolis

The ancient town of Myra in Turkey may sound familiar to you, because St. Nicholas (one of the Santa Claus origins) was the bishop of Myra. Another claim to fame for the region is the many ancient ruins one can see there.

Perhaps most striking of all the ancient ruins in Myra are the rock-cut tombs of the ancient Lycian necropolis. Two burial sites, the river necropolis and ocean necropolis, with frontages resembling classical temples, are hewn from the cliffs towering above the town.

You can imagine the years of work that went into carving these tombs out of the cliff faces.